Meet Louise, Top UK Coach, Award-winning Speaker and Hay House Author.

* Mumtrepreneur, big thinker, and transformational coach extraordinaire.
* Wife to my right-hand man, Carl, my soul mate and my rock.
* Referee to my two gorgeous kids.
* Spiritual activist and down-to-earth girl next door.
* Asker of BIG questions and taker of BIG ACTIONS.
* Avid bookworm and fan of learning and personal growth.
* Self-proclaimed eco-warrior in to natural, organic and sustainable living.
* Walker of my talk – been there, done it, got the T-shirt.
* Professional drinker of tea.
* Yoga junkie 😉

“You could say, I’m part transformational coach, part spiritual teacher and part motivational speaker with a little fashionista thrown in!”

Over the last twelve years, Louise has helped change the lives of thousands of people all over the world with her books, talks and courses.

As the author of the books ‘Finding a Future That Fits’ and ‘Mindset Mastery‘, Louise’s expertise and life-changing techniques have secured her position as one of the UK’s most successful personal development coaches. With her estimable credentials and ever-growing client list, Louise has excelled in the extraordinary task of changing our behavioural landscape. Disciplines such as coaching, neuroscience and positive psychology, coupled with her intuitive people skills, have equipped Louise with the tools and techniques that enable individuals to define their goals, challenge their existing mindset and beliefs, and improve their lives with remarkable results.

As a prolific writer and vlogger, Louise has been featured in many of the top national magazines and newspapers including Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Psychologies, The Telegraph and The Guardian as well as BBC radio. She also blogs for The Huffington Post. Louise is also an award-winning motivational and inspirational speaker and has had the privilege of speaking alongside some of the world’s best thought leaders such as Dr Wayne Dyer, Louise L Hay and Robert Holden. 

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